Well this page was a bitch to draw.

On a lighter note, Root Rot recently received a lovely review from the wonderful folks at The Dish podcast!

You should go check it out.

Listening to the review has reminded me of something that I had been planning on doing for a while now.
This site has the same design I gave it over a year ago before I knew anything about web design (or drawing comics) and it’s pretty gross looking. Iv’e been putting off re-doing it for a long time because it’s no fun, but hearing people talk about it on a podcast has lit a fire under my ass.
So here’s a heads up on whats going to happen:
By he end of the week the site will have either gone through some major changes. Mostly, it’ll just look really simplistic for a while.
Then I’ll just keep adding little bits of design to it so that by Halloween the site will have a spiffy new look.
The reason the makeover is gonna take till Halloween to do is because I don’t want to steal any time from making actual comics.

Thanks to the The Dish.
Thanks to my readers for being so awesome.
And thanks to my computer for not pissing itself and dying in the middle of me drawing this page.



Hey look! the site is different.
Not done yet I still have much more to do but I think it’s already looking much better.


Gonna be attempting a stream thing around 10:00 PST


You guys should hang out and stuff.

nevermind. streams not working today

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