Streaming Today around noon PST.

Broken record time:

Still dealing with real life And on top of that this page took, minute for minute, 3 times longer than the longest page I had ever done prior. But that is no excuse. The next page is much simpler and should take far less time.

Guy’s I wanna thank you for for all the commissions you guys have been giving me. It is currently My only source of income and I very much appreciate it. If your planning on getting one, your last chance to get on at the crazy cheap prices ends Friday. On Saturday my prices go back to the ranges more competitive with other artists of my level.

Root rot now has an official twitter.!/RootRotComic

This account will tweet about anything and everything that has to do with the Root Rot comic (updates, streams, progress, etc) and it will free up my personal account to tweet about stupid bullshit whenever I have free time. (which is never)

-The potted plants in this page are all a new breed i made up called “Ravens nests”
-Four of the people in this page are real life friends of mine.
-One of the people in this page is me.
-The paintings hanging in the coffee shop are pictures I’ve taken or things I’ve drawn.
-One of the pictures is of the adorable family cat, Felicity, being cradled by my daddy.
-This page was a huge bitch to draw.
-This is the first appearance of RJ since forever.

Sorry again guys

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