Root Rot is a full page comic that chronicles the adventures of Eliot Shakman and Evelyn Graham as they intern at a paranormal investigation agency. It’s kinda X-files-ish. Its pretty heavily colored.

Root Rot is written and drawn by David Herrick.

This is his email:  david (at)

This is his twitter.

David loves to hear from readers, it makes his day.


When does the comic update?

My schedule has proven to be too hectic to have a set day to update but I try my best to put out a page a week.

What’s the deal with chapter zero?

Ah, yeah, that. See when I started this comic it was just a thing I was trying out. I wasn’t really taking it seriously. As a result, it turned out shitty. It’s poorly drawn, its pretty dull, it’s full of misspelled words, in the middle there I even stopped drawing real backgrounds. By the end of the chapter, when I did decide to start taking it seriously, I changed it to “chapter zero” to distance the stuff I put effort into from the half-assed stuff.

Sooo… where should I start then?

You can start wherever you like, but I would suggest starting with chapter one and then maybe reading chapter zero later on for ridicule purposes. I guess it doesn’t really matter though.

How do you go about drawing Root Rot?

I sketch and ink it on bristol board, scan it in to the computer, and color it in photoshop.

In the interest of time, I’ve started inking Root Rot digitally as of chapter 2. It is still colored in Photoshop.

What happened to that cast page?

It was ugly. I had it removed.

Why is it called Root Rot?

I get this question pretty often and I often fins the answer is to long and complicated to go into, but I’m going to give it a shot now.
Yes, it does have something to do with the story but and a few themes in the comic but there’s not much I can explain about that at this point without spoiling a few things.
Originally, I picked the name because a friend of mine said it sounded cool and I agreed.

Fun fact: Apparently, in Australia  ”root rot” is slang for STDs.

Other Questions?

Feel free to email me: david (at)

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